Weight and Dairy

Many overweight Canadians struggle to manage their weight and recognize that our eating and activity habits matter. People wanting to lose weight may wonder about milk products. The evidence indicates that milk products do not need to be avoided by people looking to achieve a healthy weight. In fact, milk products are nutrient-dense protein foods that are part of the foundation for healthy eating. Learn more about the research on dairy foods and healthy weights in adults and children.

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Symposium 2017

Addressing weight bias and stigma in health care

Weight bias, stigma and discrimination refers to negative attitudes, beliefs, stereotypes and behaviours about obesity and people living with obesity. Perceived weight stigma has been identified as a barrier to weight management.

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Symposium 2014

Dairy Fat, Obesity and Cardiometabolic Health

We conducted a systematic literature review of observational studies on the relationship between dairy-fat and high-fat dairy consumption with obesity and cardiometabolic disease.

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Symposium 2013

Protein and Weight Management

The scientific data to date indicates that a high-protein diet accentuates the impact of weight reduction on body fatness, attenuates the physiological vulnerability of the weight-reduced obese individual, and promotes fat-free mass retention during weight loss.