Understanding Eating Behaviours to Promote Healthy Eating, Metabolic Health, and Body Weight Management


What we eat and how we eat, combined with environmental and genetic factors, can influence body weight control and metabolism in children and adults. In this episode of Nutrition Conversations, Dr. Vicky Drapeau discusses the role of certain foods, such as dairy, in body weight management, metabolic health, and eating behaviours.

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In this podcast, learn more about:

  • Lifestyle and genetic factors influencing predisposition to obesity;
  • How diet and eating behaviours can modulate obesity risk.

Key takeaways:

  • In the management and prevention of obesity, a complex and multifactorial condition, individuals should be considered in their globality;
  • While approximately 40 to 70% of the body mass index (BMI) variation within the population is explained by genetic factors, it has been proposed that obesity is the result of a gene-environment interaction, likely explaining the large variability in the susceptibility to obesity;
  • According to the findings of the Quebec Family Study, an increase in whole fruit and skim and partially skimmed milk, among 41 identified food groups, was linked to better body weight management over time;
  • Appetite-related eating behaviours, such as disinhibition and susceptibility to hunger, may be one of the mechanisms through which genes influence adiposity levels in adults;
  • Among youth with a predisposition to obesity, a study has found that those who consumed yogurt had better insulin sensitivity than non-consumers.
Dr. Vicky Drapeau


PhD, R.D (Dt.P.)

Dr. Vicky Drapeau is a professor in the Département d’éducation physique at Université Laval, a dietitian, co-founder and co-ordinator of the Clinique Équilibre-Santé and Scientific Director of the sustainable health consultation committee at the university. Dr. Drapeau’s current research is supported by CIHR, SSHRC, and Dairy Farmers of Canada.