Bone Health: Dairy, Calcium and Beyond


What role do dairy products and their nutrients play in bone health?

This webinar aims to help you:

  1.  Identify the updated roles of dairy products on bone mass in childhood/adolescence and on prevention of osteoporosis and fractures in older adults.
  2. Describe recent research related to dairy nutrients and their interactions on bone health outcomes.
  3. Gain new knowledge in the emerging area of the “Gut-Bone Axis” and the role of the gut microbiome on bone health.
Kelsey Mangano, PhD, RD


University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Dr. Mangano is Assistant Professor and Director of the Nutritional Sciences Program in the Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences at UMass Lowell. Her research focuses on aging adults, dairy, calcium, protein, dietary patterns and muscle/bone relationship.