Symposium 2015

Sowing the Seeds for Sustainable Diets

Symposium Speaker

Stéphane Robert


Ferme Clobert Inc., Quebec

The Robert family acquired the Clobert farm in central Québec in 1975 and Stéphane Robert became the owner in 1986. Passionate about dairy production, the Roberts own approximately 200 cows, 85 of which are lactating. Moreover, they are dedicated to sustainable farming. Conscious of the importance of taking part in community life, the Robert family offers guided tours of their installations to various groups (fellow farmers, schools and agricultural companies).

The family members are also active within various organizations, agricultural clubs and community groups as well as in the town council. Their hard work and commitment to sustainable practices were recognized in 2014 when they were finalists for the Dairy Farm Sustainability Award by Dairy Farmers of Canada. The farm was also named Knight of the Order by the Ordre national du mérite agricole in 1991, and Officer of the Order in 1996.

A founding member of the agro-environmental group Yamasol, Stéphane Robert remains on the board, allowing him to keep abreast of the issues and research related to agricultural practices and to stay informed on initiatives that can benefit both the farm and the environment.

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